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We have over 35 delicious flavours!

We have over 35 delicious flavours of ice cream from the Classic Vanilla to the more unique Rose Stratchiatella. All our ice cream is made using pasteurized milk from our cows here on our farm. But don’t worry if cow’s milk isn’t for you then you can enjoy one of our moo-less ice creams which are all dairy free or even try one of our refreshing sorbets!

We believe everyone should be able to indulge in a special treat which is why only a small number of our ice creams contain common allergens such as egg, nut or gluten as an ingredient. All our allergens are indicated on the flavour cards in our shop or you can ask one of the members of our team for more information.

Classic Vanilla

with Madagascan bourbon vanilla

Mint Choc Chip

with Kent Peppermint and large chocolate chunks

Chunky Chocolate

with large Belgian chocolate chunks

Strawberries and Cream

with British Strawberries

Salted Caramel

with Essex sea salt

Raspberry Ripple

with tart Raspberry ripple

Alphonso Mango

with alphonso mangos

Pistachio and Almond

with classic green pistachio

Lemon Meringue

with chunks of meringue


with chewy honeycomb chunks

White Chocolate

packed with white chocolate shavings!

Creamy Coffee

with real Aribica coffee granules


so nutty the squirrels want it back!

Rum and Raisin

with Malaga raisins


with infused cinnamon

Cookies and Cream

with smashed Oreo biscuits


with shredded coconut pieces

Dinosaur Blue

with mini dinosaur pieces!

Unicorn Pink

with mini unicorn pieces

Rhubarb and Ginger

with chunks of ginger


Great family fun

Try it for yourself


Don’t take our word for it. Visit the farm and explore the wide range of flavours available. You won’t be disappointed!