Our Farm

Fold Farm is located on the border of London and Hertfordshire providing the perfect setting for farm life which balances out the bustling city life with the open fields of the countryside. Our farm covers 300 acres and this land is used to grow grass to feed our cows. We have 200 milking cows which produce roughly 3500 litres of milk a day which is used to produce our delicious Halloumi cheese and Lewis of London Ice Cream. Our cows are particularly special because they are a mix of 50% Holstein and 50% Fleckvieh which makes the perfect cow for us. Holsteins make great milking cows whilst Fleckviehs provide strength and fitness making them the perfect combination. We breed and care for all our cows from birth as the best milking cows come from the ones you breed yourself! 

Our dairy is where all the magic happens! We use milk, cream and a few other special ingredients in our shiny machines to produce the best tasting ice cream around (we are sure you will agree!). We love experimenting and trying out new flavours. Our most unique flavours have been Basil and a "yeast extract" (you either love it or hate it) which haven't quite made the final cut but have been fun to try! Having our own dairy means we can ensure the ice cream is made to the highest standard and always tastes delicious.

Fold Farm is also proud to be the host of the London Fire Service for their livestock handling training